2008 John Deere Z-Trak™ Z520A Estate Series




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John Deere
Z-Trak™ Z520A Estate Series


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Z520A with 60" deck


The new Z-Trak Estate Series Residential Zero-Turn Mowers come equipped with 22- or 25-hp, air-cooled Kohler engines coupled with a 48-, 54- or 60-inch 7-Iron™ deck. The Z-Trak Estate models have many standard features such as foot operated parking brakes, deluxe high back seats with arms rests, ROPs (roll-over protection), cast-iron front caster arms and forks, on-board storage, fuel gauge, and height-of-cut dial to easily set the cut height at 1/4 inch increments. In addition, Estate Z-Traks feature the "Turn Key +1" ignition which make them as easy as starting a car. Turn the key, release the foot brake and you're ready to mow.

    • 25-hp Kohler V-twin, OHV air-cooled engine
    • 10-mph transport speed
    • Hydrostatic ground drive with large cast aluminum housings for superior cooling
    • Seven-gallon fuel tank with standard fuel gauge for all day mowing
    • Warranty term - 2 years or 300 hours, whichever comes first
    7-Iron™ Deep-Deck Mowers
    • 54- or 60-inch 7-Iron™ mower deck
    • The deep deck design creates a powerful vacuuming action to lift the grass and create better airflow
    • One-piece 7-gauge stamped steel means no weld points to fail
    • Full floating deck follows ground contours, providing the best groomed appearance
    • Cast-iron front caster arms and forks for increased durability
    • Ribbed cast aluminum spindle housings are designed for strength, enduring performance and reliability; the large surface area and aluminum construction keeps the spindles and all moving parts cool
    Comfort and Convenience
    • The "Turn Key +1" system makes starting the machine as easy as starting a car - just turn the key, release the parking brake and you are ready to mow
    • The mower parking brake is conveniently located at the front of the mower deck platform; the operator simply uses their foot to set or disengage the parking brake
    • Deluxe high-back (18-inch) seat with adjustable armrests; no-tools fore-aft seat adjustment with a 4-inch range can be be used by the operator while seated
    • The innovative, low effort dial height-of-cut adjustment with built-in transport lock allows the operator to precisely set the cut height at 1/4-inch increments
    • Easily raise or lower the mower deck using powered deck lift system
    Motion-Control Levers
    • Adjustable motion-control levers can be adjusted to three different height settings and a range of fore-aft settings for increased comfort and more precise control of the machine
    • Dual-lever, hydraulically dampened operator controls modulate movement of control levers for smoother operation; operator can smoothly and precisely control machine
    • Ergonomically-angled motion control levers with special padded grips to provide unmatched comfort
    • Powered deck lift button and PTO cutoff switch are conveniently located on the motion control levers; easily raise and lower the mower deck or shut off the mower blades at a touch of a button
    • 2-year limited warranty - 24 Months or 300 Hours, Whichever Comes First
    • Make: Kohler
    • Engine Model Number: SV730
    • Displacement: 725cc (44 cu. in.)
    • Cylinders: Two
    • Bore: 83mm (3.27 in.)
    • Stroke: 67 mm (2.64 in.)
    • Compression Ratio: 9.0:1
    • Speed, Fast Idle: 3600 +/- 100rpm
    • Speed, Slow Idle: 1700 +/- 150 rpm
    • Valving: OHV
    • Oil Filter: Screw On Type
    • Cooling Type: Air
    • Air Cleaner: Paper Element with Foam Precleaner
    • Spark Plug Gap: 0.76 mm (0.030 in.)
    • Spark Plug Torque: 24.4-29.8 N•m (18-22 lb-ft)
    • Ignition Coil Air Gap: 0.28-0.33 mm (0.011-0.013)
    • Valve Adjustment Clearance: 0.10-0.15 mm (0.004-0.006)
    • Type: Independent Left and Right Integrated Hydrostatic Transmissions
    • Pump: 12 cc (0.73 cu in.)
    • Motor: 240cc (11.90 cu in.)
    • Number of Speeds: Hydrostatic, Variable Speed
    Electrical System
    • Charging System: 15 Amp regulated
    • Ignition: Flywheel Magneto Transistor Type
    • Starter: Solenoid Shift
    Fuel Type
    • Regular Unleaded (Minimum 87 Octane)
    • Ethanol Blended Fuel (Up to 10%)
    • MTBE Reformulated Fuel (Up to 15%)
    • Fuel Tank Location: Left of Operator Seat
    Steering and Brakes
    • Steering: Dual Control Levers
    • Steering: Hydraulic
    • Park Brakes: Automatic Drum/Shoe
    • Front: 13 x 5-6
    • Rear: 22 x 9.5-12
    • Inflation Front: 124 kPa (18 psi)
    • Inflation Rear: 83 kPa (12 psi)
    • Voltage: 12 volt
    • CCA: 195 amp
    • Reserve Capacity: 17 minutes
    • BCI Group Size: U1L
    • Fuel Tank: 28.3 L (7.5 gal)
    • Transmission Oil (With Filter): 2.7 L (2.9 qt)
    • Engine Oil (With Filter): 1.8 L (1.9 qt)
    • Towing: 181 kg (400 LB)
    Travel Speeds at Full Engine RPM
    • Forward: 0–16.1 km/h (0–10 mph)
    • Reverse: 0–8.0 km/h (0–5 mph)



    Engine Manufacturer
    Horse Power
    25 hp
    725cc (44 cu. in.)


    Independent Left and Right Integrated Hydrostatic Transmissions
    Wheel Size
    Front : 13 x 5-6; Rear : 22 x 9.5-12
    Fuel Capacity
    7.5 gal., (28.3 l)


    Deck Size
    54 in., Optional 60 in.
    Discharge Type