2010 John Deere X300R, 42-in. Edge™ Deck Riding Mower W/BAGGER


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John Deere
X300R, 42-in. Edge™ Deck Riding Mower W/BAGGER


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    • 17-hp V-twin, air-cooled John Deere iTorque™ Power System (which provides more lugging ability, full pressure lubrication, even cooling, and durability) provides excellent power and performance, easy starts and smooth operation.
    • TurboStar 42-in. Edge™ Xtra rear discharge mower deck includes a heavy-duty cast-iron blower that pulls in grass clippings and propels and packs them into the 8.5 bu. (300 liter) hopper, filling it with 1 1/2 to 2 times more material by weight
    • Mower trims on both sides for more efficient mowing as there is no chute or hopper on the side of the mower to interfere
    • Automatic PTO shutoff stops the mower when the hopper is full to prevent chute plugging
    • 2.4 U.S. gallon fuel tank with a large 3-inch fill opening located on the left fender makes adding fuel easy and helps eliminate spillage
    • Twin Touch™ automatic transmission provides comfortable two-pedal foot control for effortless speed and direction changes
    • 35-watt headlights designed to provide optimum lighting pattern for mowing and improved visibility during evening operation
    • Tight 22-inch turning radius provides excellent maneuverability and improved mowing performance
    • Heavy-duty welded frame for the strength to operate a wide variety of equipment
    • Front axle is made of nodular cast iron
    • Depressing brake pedal applies internal wet disk brakes (increased durability and longer life) for safe stopping
    • Heavy-duty electric PTO clutch designed to operate through many on/off cycles before needing adjustment; controlled by a convenient dash-mounted control
    • Hopper contains inside rear mesh bag with outside heavy debris deflector around the rear and sides allowing the large volume of air to escape, reducing sound, and deflecting debris downward
    • Narrower width allows better maneuverability and use in smaller spaces; holds 1.5 to 2 times more material than a 7 bu. rear bagger for less trips to empty; less total mowing time
    • Hopper can be conveniently emptied from the operator seat; no bags to lift
    • Hopper is easily removed - simply lift off - nothing to disconnect
    • Mower deck is easy to remove for cleaning or service; also, two quick-connect wash ports are provided for cleaning the underside of the deck, blower, and chute
    • Smaller storage footprint takes less space when storing; hopper simply lifts-off to reduce area needed to store tractor
    • Standard tool tray and cupholder keep tools and beverages within reach
    • A lift-assist spring is available on tractors to minimize lift effort; lift effort can be easily adjusted for optimum performance depending on the equipment used (mower, front blade, etc.)
    • Color-coded controls are conveniently located for easy access
    • Standard hourmeter makes it easy to tell when oil changes and other maintenance should be performed
    • Separate engine speed and choke controls make starting and warming up the engine easier in cold weather
    • Mower deck height-of-cut control with rotary dial knob provides mower cut height range from 1 to 4 inches in 1/4-inch increments; on-board deck leveling gauge located in the center of the cut-height adjusting knob
    • Comfortable, high-back sit-and-adjust seat features 7 inches of travel; springs adjust for operator weight allowing fine tuning of suspension; open-back design allows air circulation to keep the operator's back cool and dry for a more comfortable ride
    • Large 14-inch diameter steering wheel is comfortable to use and minimizes steering effort
    • Full-length foot mats provide comfort for the operator while protecting the footrest area
    • Roomy and uncluttered open platform makes getting on and off the tractor easy
    • 4-year limited warranty for Select Series™ - 48 Months or 300 Hours, Whichever Comes First
    • Power: 17 hp (12.7 kW)
    • Displacement: 28.8 cu. in. (472 cc)
    • Manufacturer: Kawasaki
    • Cylinders: V-twin, cast-iron liners
    • Type: OHV, oil filter
    • Charging System: 15 amp regulated
    • Battery: 195 cold-crank amps
    • Choke/Speed Control: Separate levers
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 2.4 gal.
    • Type: K46 automatic
    • Control: Twin Touch pedals
    • Cruise Control: Standard
    • Forward Speed: 0-5.3 mph
    • Reverse Speed: 0-4.0 mph
    • Frame: Welded heavy-duty
    • Primer/Paint: E-coat/powder
    • Front Tires: 15x6-6
    • Rear Tires: 20x10-8
    • Front Axle: Cast iron
    • Hood Material: Xenoy
    • Hourmeter
    • Service Interval Decal
    • Tool Tray
    • Cupholder
    • Type: 2-wheel steer
    • Turning Radius: 19 in.
    • Uncut Circle Radius: 29 in. (42R mower)
    • Spindle Bushings: Metal, replaceable
    • Seat Back Height: 15 in. open back
    • Fore-aft Adjustment: 7 in. while seated
    • Seat Suspension: Three-position
    Lift System
    • Type: Foot pedal with adjustable spring assist
    • Mower Cut Height: 1-3 3/4 in.
    • Cut Height Increments: 0.25 in.
    • Preset Cut Height
    • Type: Rear discharge
    • Mower Cutting Width: 42 in.
    • Mower Deck Material: .120 in.
    • Mower Wheel Adjustment: 4-position, tool required
    • Mower Drive System: In-line belt, electric PTO
    Mower Attachability
    • Front Draft Arms: Two-point mounting
    • Rear Draft Arms: 2 pins and spring clips
    • Belt Tension: Spring
    • Meets ANSI Standard
    • OPEI Label
    • Backup Protection: RIO
    • Safety Video
    Optional Attachments
    • Mowers: 42 in. TurboStar rear discharge, rear collect (standard)
    • Rear Bagger: 8.5 bu. hopper (standard)
    • Powered Collection (standard)
    • Mulching System
    • Front Thatcher: 38-in., 46 in., 54 in.
    • Front Blade: 44 in.
    • Front Bumper: Standard, also styled bumper option
    • Brush Guard
    • Tow-Behind Tools: 14
    • Tractor Shovel: 40 in.



    Engine Manufacturer
    Horse Power
    17 hp (12.7 kW)
    Engine Type
    V-twin, cast-iron liners
    28.8 cu. in. (472 cc)


    K46 automatic
    Wheel Size
    Front Tires: 15x6-6; Rear Tires: 20x10-8
    Fuel Capacity
    2.4 gal.


    Deck Size
    42 in.
    Discharge Type
    Rear; Optional: Bagger, Mulcher